As you go to register your child(ren) to play for AYBL this season, Please review the following:

The registered player ("player") and I have read the League Rules posted online at The player and I have read and agree to adhere to all the rules and codes of conduct of the Ashburn Youth Basketball League as displayed on the league's web site;

The player and I are also aware of the commitment that is being made by registering and playing in AYBL.  We know that players are expected to attend all practices and games for the duration of the season because  basketball is a team sport and every player on every team is an important contributor to their respective team. The player and I agree that the player WILL NOT miss practices and games because of commitments to other recreational and developmental endeavors such as other sports, the arts and so forth.

Players selected for their middle school travel team are NOT eligible to play for a house league team. Players selected to a high school team are not eligible to play in any of our high school house league divisions.

If you have more than one child playing, you must register all children in one session to receive the AYBL sibling discount. You'll have the ability to "register another child" at the end of the first registration. Failure to do so will result in not receiving the multi-player discount, AYBL will not process refunds for the difference should this occur.

The player and I also understand and acknowledge per the AYBL League rules that we have read, reviewed and understand the league rules on individual playing time in games and acknowledge and accept the playing time rules as written and posted.

We also acknowledge and understand that ALL players are REQUIRED to participate in at least one evaluation session conducted by the league for their appropriate grade level to be entered into that division's draft. Players who do not attend an evaluation session will not be placed in the draft nor chosen for a team.  Any exceptions due to illness, injury or family emergency must be communicated to the Commissioner in  writing and approved by the Commissioner of AYBL prior to the date of evaluations.

The schedule for House League evaluations will be found at the AYBL website:  I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to frequently check the league's website ( for this information and to get the registered player(s) to the required session(s).

There is no medical insurance provided by Loudoun County or AYBL.  As the parent or legal guardian of the named player, I grant permission for this minor/player to participate in all activities of the the Ashburn Youth Basketball League.  I assume all risks and hazards associated with all such activities and do hereby release and waive all claims against Loudoun County, Parks and Recreation, AYBL, Coaches and Sponsors.  I hereby authorize The Ashburn Youth Basketball League to have the above named player treated in the case of emergency (i.e. injury) when I am  unavailable to authorize emergency treatment.

I understand and permit the league to post articles and pictures of my player at the discretion of the league at the league's website.  The league will post team rosters at the league website which will include the name of each player on each team and I understand and permit the league to do so.  I UNDERSTAND THAT IT WILL BE MY RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION FROM THE LEAGUE WEBSITE.

The articles and pictures would be posted to promote league activities and would be based upon league activities.  These postings could include but are not limited to game/action pictures and/or videos as well as articles summarizing games or player accomplishments and statistics.

A coach's player must be registered SEPARATELY through the online player registration process.  Coach's children DO NOT play for free.  AYBL is dependent upon volunteers and the league does not believe volunteers "volunteer" in order to receive financial compensation.  Remember, if you have a player that wishes to play in the league you must register that player or players through the player registration process and SEPARATELY register yourself as a COACH if you wish to do so.

By registering your child(ren) you are agreeing to the above information and policies.

We are currently only accepting waitlist registrations as registration officially closed on August 31st.

Each registered player will receive a game jersey, 10 game season and at minimum a weekly practice (subject to weather and LCPS related cancellations).

Those selected for the middle school travel teams will incur an additional cost after being selected.

Registration costs for the 2023-2024 season are $200 plus a $25 fundraising fee until August 15th. After August 15th the registration cost increases to $225 plus the $25 fundraising fee.

Fees cover the cost incurred by the league for uniforms, officials, liability insurance, PRCS Youth Sports Fees and other league operating expenses. The Board of Directors are all volunteers.

All refunds must be requested in writing via the registration system or by email to

Refund Information:

  • Refund requests for grades 1-8 divisions (boys or girls):  deadline to request a refund will be October 5th;  if requested by September 10th a full refund of amount paid less $10 fees will be made;  if request is made between September 10th and October 5th a refund for the full amount paid less $75 will be made.
  • Refund requests for high school divisions (boys or girls):  deadline to request a refund will be November 12th; a full refund of amount paid less $10 fees will be made.

Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance is available for eligible families. For information about financial aid, please contact the league office in advance of registering your child. Once a registration is completed, AYBL will not retro-actively provide financial assistance. Those seeking financial assistance must meet the criteria outlined in our league rules.


By registering your child(ren) you are agreeing to the above information and policies.

Approximate Season Dates and Events

July 1 to August 31 - Registration Period

September 16 to September 30 - Player Evaluations (All players MUST attend 1 evaluation)

September 24 to October 1 - Middle School Team Tryouts (Invitation Only)

October 10 to 31 - House League Teams Formed and players notified

November 13 - All Practices Begin

November 12 - High School Evaluations

December 2 & 10 - Annual Tip-Off Tournament for House League

December 3-17 - High School Division & Middle School Team Games

February 17 - End of Regular Season for House League Grades 3-8th

February 24 - Playoffs Begin -OR- Weather Contingency (if weather event during regular season)

March 2 - Championship Saturday for Grades 3-8th

March 9/10 - Championships for High School Divisions and Middle School Teams

*NOTE; AYBL plays games on the long weekends in January and February.

**Please note that we are aware of numerous holidays that coincide with important dates in our season, for those that occur during player evaluations we will have 2-3 possible dates available for each age group in order to accommodate those who celebrate within our community. However, please be aware that we need to accomplish various steps in order to prepare for our season and are not able to delay when those occur due to the numerous holidays throughout the year, AYBL is not bound to the LCPS school calendar. 

By registering your child(ren) you are agreeing to the above information and policies.


  • In summary, by registering your child with AYBL you are agreeing to the following:
  • All registration is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED until the league is full. Our age groups are capped based on the prior years history AND the number of registered HEAD coaches. The more HEAD coaches we have, the more kids we can support. Again, our numbers are determined based on the quantity of HEAD coaches we have in each age group.
  • The registration below is for the WINTER 2022-2023 Season - we do not have a spring or summer season. Once you register, you will likely not hear from the league until sometime in August or September as we get closer to player evaluations.
  • All registration is done online via a credit card - there is no in person registration and we do not accept checks or cash. Due to the rising costs associated with uniforms, game officials and insurance premiums; this years "early registration" fee (June 15-July 31) will be $200 per player plus $25 fundraising fee  for all age groups before any multi-player discounts are factored in. Registrations completed between August 1st and August 31st will be $225 per player plus $25 fundraising fee. All multi-player discounts MUST occur within the same transaction meaning you need to register all of your children within the same "shopping cart" to receive the discount. We will NOT process refunds for children registered as separate transactions.
  • If you wish to have your child "play up" you must contact the league PRIOR TO registering them so that we can approve and adjust their age in the system.
  • Those wishing to represent their middle school in the countywide PRCS Middle School League...MUST be registered with AYBL in order to participate in evaluations and tryouts - NO EXCEPTIONS.  The middle schools that AYBL is responsible for administering are: Belmont Ridge, Eagle Ridge, Trailside, Stone Hill and Brambleton.
  • Financial assistance is available, please contact the league for details prior to registering.
  • Teams are formed based on player evaluation data -- we do NOT take into account where a player lives and where they might practice. may live in Brambleton and could be drafted to a team that practices in Lansdowne or vice versa. Requests to change teams due to practice location will not be granted. FURTHER, we are not able to accommodate requests for carpools or grouping neighbors on the same team.  All teams are formed based on the data collected during player evaluations.
  • Players in elementary school grades typically (90% of the time) practice between 630 & 9pm; players in Grades 6-8th (as well as a limited amount of 5th graders) typically practice after 8pm. Due to gym space availability - players in the 8th grade could practice between 830-1015pm. Requests to practice at a specific time, or change teams due to their practice time/location will not be honored.
  • Deadline to request refunds is October 5th for Grades 1st through 8th -- those that request a refund after evaluations have been completed will be charged a $50 fee.  High School age groups will have a refund request deadline that coincides with the selection of the high school (LCPS) teams which should be November 13th, but is subject to change.

By registering your child(ren) you are agreeing to the above information and policies.