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Team Tryout Information

Coach selections have been made and are posted on the appropriate tab.

Evaluations will be on in early September. All players need to attend an evaluation in order to be eligible for tryouts which will begin approximately September 24th.

Those seeking to tryout for their middle school team must score in the top 1/3 of their grade level evaluation and be invited to the middle school tryouts. Our middle school team tryouts are by "invitation only" in order to make the tryouts for these teams as competitive as possible and have a realistic number of players in a tryout. In previous years we often had 80+ kids in a tryout making it unrealistic to assess all players to determine a roster.

Players trying out MUST attend 2 of the 3 tryouts in order to be eligible for consideration unless special exception is granted by the AYBL Board for circumstances such as injury, family emergency, or other special circumstances. Attending all 3 is encouraged, but not required. Conflicts due to other sports and illness will be considered on a case by case basis and must be communicated PRIOR to tryout dates.

As of the 2016-2017 season, there are some minor changes to the structure of the travel league. The affiliation with the middle schools remains unchanged, however the structure and how rosters are defined has been slightly altered.

To help drive higher level of play, PRCS is moving toward a Varsity, JV and 6th grade only model - similar to that of our area high school sports programs where the 6th grade team is similar to that of the freshman teams.

The intent is that the Varsity level team is the top players from each school competing against the top players from other area schools.  The JV group would be similar in the face that it would be the remaining top players from that school and 6th grade is truly only a 6th grade team.

No player is eligible to play down a grade - meaning for an 8th grader they are NOT permitted to play JV, nor is a 7th grader permitted to play down to 6th grade.

The Game Schedule is managed and maintained by Loudoun County PRCS and can be found at the following link:


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