Youth League

Boys & Girls House League - Grades 3-8th


The objective of the Ashburn Youth Basketball League (AYBL) is to provide organized and competitive basketball with emphasis placed on improvement for all players, coaches and officials.  This includes learning to compete and succeed, placing team goals ahead of personal milestones, learning the value of practice and hard work, accepting and then acting upon constructive criticism, respect for officials and demonstrating good sportsmanship and respect for all players, coaches, and officials.

ELIGIBILITY: All boys and girls in grades 3rd through 12th in the Ashburn Youth Basketball League School attendance area are eligible to play in AYBL.  Our attendance area is defined as those that are (or would be for those attending private or home schools) Belmont Ridge MS, Eagle Ridge MS, Trailside MS, Stone Hill MS and the new Brambleton MS as well as any and all feeder elementary schools. Those individuals attending private school or being home schooled are also eligible to play.  All players wishing to play on one of the girls or boys travel teams must also meet this residency requirement.   Any and all exceptions to this must be approved by the Commissioner.  Those selected to the middle school teams, per the league rules set forth by PRCS, these players are not eligible to also play house league. Furthermore a 14 year old who chooses to play up to their high school as an 8th grader is not eligible for their middle school team or house league team as well. High School aged players who are playing for any high school basketball team (Freshmen, JV or Varsity) are not eligible to participate in the AYBL program.

ORGANIZATION:  AYBL is a 501c3 youth basketball organization that operates in coordination with the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PR&CS). AYBL is one of the affiliated Loudoun County youth basketball leagues that are centered on each of the middle schools in Loudoun County.

House League Divisions