League Rules

The objective of the Ashburn Youth Basketball League (AYBL) is to provide organized and competitive basketball with emphasis placed on improvement for all players, coaches and officials.  This includes learning to compete and succeed, placing team goals ahead of personal milestones, learning the value of practice and hard work, accepting and then acting upon constructive criticism, respect for officials and demonstrating good sportsmanship and respect for all players, coaches, and officials.

ELIGIBILITY:  All boys and girls in grades 4th through 12th in the Ashburn Youth Basketball League School attendance area are eligible to play in AYBL.  Our attendance area is defined as those that are (or would be for those attending private or home schools) Belmont Ridge MS, Eagle Ridge MS, Trailside MS, Stone Hill MS and the new Brambleton MS as well as any and all feeder elementary schools. Those individuals attending private school or being home schooled are also eligible to play.  All players wishing to play on one of the girls or boys travel teams must also meet this residency requirement.   Any and all exceptions to this must be approved by the Commissioner.  Those selected to the middle school teams, per the league rules set forth by PRCS, these players are not eligible to also play house league. Furthermore a 14 year old who chooses to play up to their high school as an 8th grader is not eligible for their middle school team or house league team as well. High School aged players who are playing for any high school basketball team (Freshmen, JV or Varsity) are not eligible to participate in the AYBL program.

ORGANIZATION:  AYBL is a 501c3 youth basketball organization that operates in coordination with the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PR&CS). AYBL is one of the affiliated Loudoun County youth basketball leagues that are centered on each of the middle schools in Loudoun County.

AYBL is supported and run by volunteers that serve as Commissioner, Board of Directors, Age Group Coordinators, Treasurer, Coaches and other roles as needed.  Individuals may take on multiple positions and responsibilities as described herein.  Roles can remain unassigned until a suitable volunteer is identified.

The AYBL Commissioner provides overall management to the AYBL including registrations, team and coach selection, scheduling, finance, equipment and discipline. In the performance of these functions’ other volunteers to the AYBL board support the AYBL Commissioner.

The AYBL Board of Directors support the Commissioner in areas such as evaluation sessions, team formations, program quality and the resolution of disputes and issues including disciplinary matters.  The decision of the League Board is final when it comes to league management, interpretation and enforcement of the League's rules.

Board members are to respond to all requests for input on matters brought before the league within 24 hours of receipt.  Board members are to notify the commissioner and/or other Board members in advance when work or personal matters would make this impossible to achieve.

The AYBL Treasurer handles the accounting and finance aspects of the AYBL. This includes the handling of the banking functions, financial reporting and reconciliation's, and the receipt and disbursement of checks.

Age Group Coordinators: The AYBL Commissioner recruits an Age Group Coordinator for each division to act as their representative in the functioning of that division. Each Division Coordinator is responsible for communication of league information and rules to and from their coaches and may have a role in the resolution of any problems that may arise during the season.

The Age Group Coordinators report directly to the AYBL Operating Directors, who support the coordinators in solving any problems that may arise during the season.

The coaches provide instruction in basketball skills and sportsmanship and serve as the point of contact for their team and its players with the AYBL. The AYBL Commissioner along with the league Board have the responsibility for selecting the travel team coaches. Individuals interested in being considered to coach a travel team are asked to complete the on line application form.  All coaches are required to attend one of the preseason coaches’ clinics that is scheduled.  Attendance at a clinic is mandatory and failure to attend a clinic will prevent an individual from coaching.


Please contact (T2RBL@yahoo.com) if you are requesting financial assistance.  In the email please state if you are currently receiving free or reduced lunches through the school system.  As the league board has a fiduciary responsibility to those it serves, the league reserves the right to evaluate all requests for financial assistance on a case by case basis. The league may approve the request for a full scholarship, partial scholarship or deny the request for assistance. Financial assistance must be requested at time of registration and is subject to space available in the league.


AYBL will establish each division’s size/number of teams and number of potential players based upon the number of coaches attending and completing these clinics.  Thus; the number of properly trained coaches will determine the number of teams participating in the league and the number of players in the league.

The AYBL is typically divided into the following basketball divisions:


  • Girls 3rd/4th Grades 
  • Girls 5th/6th Grades
  • Girls 7th/8th Grades


  • Boys 3rd Grade
  • Boys 4th Grade
  • Boys 5th Grade
  • Boys 6th Grade
  • Boys 7th Grade
  • Boys 8th Grade

 Boys and Girls

  • High School Division (Boys Grades 9-10)
  • High School Division (Boys Grades 11-12)
  • High School Division (Girls Grades 9-12)

 Travel Teams (Boys and Girls)

  • Travels teams are formed by division with participation based on the middle school in which the player attends. The number of travel teams will be subject to board approval and the number of available travel caliber players – our intent is to provide a positive experience to all of those that participate.
  • Players wishing to participate on their middle school (aka. Travel team) are to register for the house league division as outlined above. Once tryouts are announced they simply attend the tryouts for their school.  If they are not selected we guarantee a player a spot in the house league.
  • Players selected for the High School team are not permitted to play in the High School House League Divisions; the intent of the house league is to continue to provide an opportunity for those kids in the community who are not playing on their high school's basketball teams.


The AYBL adheres to official High School Basketball Rules as published in The National Federation of State High School Association Rule Book for 2014-2015 with the exceptions listed in this document.   Furthermore, all rules adopted by the individual age groups, beyond those stipulated in this document, are to be approved by the AYBL Commissioner. Copies of all approved "divisional" rules are to be supplied to the AYBL Commissioner and prior to the start of the season.


The NFHS policy is that if a player/teammate/coach/official suspects any player of having a concussion (i.e. by displaying signs and symptoms of a concussion), that player shall be removed from the game.  Once a player suspected of a concussion is removed from a game, that players is NOT to re-enter the remainder of that game.  In the event that multiple games are being played on the same day, a note from a doctor or medical professional must be provided to the coach prior to that player participating in any subsequent games.

Further, under the normal course of the season schedule where there is one game each weekend, a doctors note must be provided before the injured player may return to play at the teams practice and weekly game - for example, if a player has a concussion on Saturday, they must provide a doctors note to their coach before participating in practicing on that Monday following the game where they were injured. Coaches are further instructured to follow the NFHS guidelines of - When in doubt, sit them out. 


All registered players are REQUIRED to participate in at least one evaluation session conducted by the league for their appropriate grade level. Players who do not attend an evaluation session will not be placed on a team.  Any exceptions due to illness, injury or family emergency must be communicated to the League in writing and approved by the Commissioner and/or League Board – and must be done so prior to the evaluation date as best as possible. Traveling outside of the country for extended periods of time does not constitute an exception, communicate prior to your planned travel dates.

It is strongly recommended that all eligible middle school age players try out for their appropriate Travel team.  Players wishing to try-out for one of the travel teams are encouraged to participate in all evaluation sessions. Players who try out for the travel teams but are not selected MUST then attend at least one evaluation session conducted by the league for their appropriate grade level.  Players who do not attend at least one evaluation session run the risk of not being placed on a team.  Any exceptions due to illness, injury or family emergency must be communicated to the League in writing and approved by the Commissioner and/or League Board.

AYBL will make every effort to ensure that all players that are registered by the end of the registration period and attend one of the required evaluation sessions will be placed on a team.   However, the league reserves the right to limit league/division size which may impact placement of players on a team.  Number of players per team and number of teams per division will be determined by the space available to the league within the given season.  While we realize our community is continuing to grow, there is a finite number of gyms available to us on given week.  Age group divisions must have an “even” number of teams in order to facilitate and ease game scheduling.

The process for the formation of team rosters is left to the discretion of the Commissioner, Board of Directors and the responsible Age Group Coordinator.

The evaluation sessions are conducted to evaluate the skill level and playing ability of each player to facilitate the formation of teams of "roughly" equal playing ability, experience, skill and size so as not to create a "stacked" team.  It is strongly recommended that each head coach attends the player evaluation process associated with his or her age group.

This team formation process can include a draft.  It is strongly recommended that each head coach participates in the player selection process associated with his or her age group.  There are no “freezes” on assistant coaches!!

AYBL will not make any effort to honor specific player requests or accommodations with regard to nights the player can or cannot attend regular practices. Practice night will be Monday through Friday and honoring requests to practice on a specific night is not possible at this time.  Players are expected at all team events which includes all practices and games.  The League will not address or respond to these types of requests. We do not honor requests to practice at a specific location or neighborhood based on where a player lives – meaning, you could live in Lansdowne and practice in Brambleton. Those players in the older grades could have late evening practices.

Players will not be added to teams after the third week of the season unless approved by the League Board.  However, the League recognizes that injuries, family emergencies and family situations can, at times, leave teams with an inadequate number of players for games.  When the League is made aware of these types of situations, the League Board will allow teams to augment their rosters on a temporary or permanent basis as follows:

  • ”Wait listed” players will be added to the team that requires additional personnel; these players will be added based on the draft order for that specific age or division.
  • If there are no “waitlisted” players available or if there is an inadequate number of “waitlisted” players’ available, teams may select players from a younger division to augment their roster.  For example, a team in Boys 6 that is reduced to 5 or 6 players for an extended or indefinite amount of time may select players from Boys 5 to augment their roster.  These younger players must continue to play with their original team and must fulfill any and all commitments to that team.  Additionally, the remaining players on the “shorthanded” team must be given priority in terms of playing time when compared to the players assigned later to “augment” the roster.  The team that needs players can conduct evaluations of potential additional players if so desired.  Any team that needs to augment its roster can only do so with the approval of the League Board and any and all decisions about these types of actions including duration of player assignment will be determined by the League Board.

All AYBL coaches are required to participate in the preseason AYBL training for coaches.  Training is MANDATORY for all coaches.  All coaches are strongly encouraged to also attend the evaluation sessions for their Age Group as well as any subsequent Age Group meetings conducted for the purpose of team formation. 

Each team will be allowed one head coach and two assistant coaches on the sidelines during a game. The number of coaches allowed to participate during a practice is not limited. Only the registered head coach is permitted to stand and interact with game officials. All coaches must successfully complete a background check.

Travel team coaches will be selected by the League Board and will not solicit applications or requests to coach a travel team.  Prior head coaching experience within AYBL is preferred.

The AYBL Commissioner and Board reserve the right to refuse an individual's request to coach in the AYBL at both the house league and travel league level.

Head coaches must be at least 18 years old for teams with players in Grades 4-8, and one person over the age of 18 is required to be on the bench during games.  Coaches of teams composed of high school (grades 9-12) players must be at least 21 years old, and one person over the age of 21 is required to be on the bench during games.  Meaning an assistant coach under the specified age requirement cannot act in a head coaching capacity should the head coach be absent from that week’s game. There is no minimum age for assistant coaches.


We as a league do not allow "guest" players to fill in when players are absent who are not already registered with the league. Should a team have less than 5 available players they may pull as many players that would be needed to field a team of 7 from the age group directly below their team's age group. Meaning for example, a Boys 6 team has 3 available players - they would pull up (a max of) 4 players from Boys 5 to field a team - in this example, all players must still be registered with the league. When pulling players up, it must be from the grade level directly below the team needing players - for example, Boys 8 must pull from Boys 7 only. Players on the middle school teams or high school teams are not eligible in this scenario.


All coaches are REQUIRED to attend and participate in the League's recognition events that are typically conducted on Championship Saturday.  Coaches must provide their team's award recipients and All Star selections to their age group coordinator prior to the ninth game of the regular season.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of practice time and can result in the forfeit of games.


All coaches and assistant coaches are required to successfully complete a background check at the start of each season. Failure to complete or failure to pass will result in the coach or assistant being removed for the season. We are required to have these done to comply with our insurance carrier and our insurance policy. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our participants.


Those parents keeping the score book – or “the book” – are required to watch the following video and send an email to t2rbl@yahoo.com with the following information upon completion of watching the video:

  • Their Name (ie. Adults name)
  • Their Child Age Group Division(s) [example Boys 5th Grade]
  • The Team Name they’re associated with (this can be multiple teams if more than one child)
  • The Coach’s last name

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36s1BQL21pE


All grade/age eligible AYBL participants are strongly urged to try out for the appropriate boys or girls travel team.  Travel League play involves more competitive play and requires the complete commitment of the player and his or her family.  Travel players and their parents/guardians will be required to read, review and sign a “letter of commitment” and will be expected to abide by this letter and the intent of that document.   Players who fail to complete and return this document within two weeks of receiving it will be prohibited from participating in any team or league events until the completed document is received by their coach.

Travel team coaches are approved by the AYBL Board of Directors and are selected through an application process in the summer months prior to the start of the season.  Both the head coach and any assistant coach(es) will be selected and approved by the League Board.  The AYBL Commissioner and League Board reserve the right to refuse an individual's request to coach in the AYBL.

Travel team player selection is left to the discretion of the Travel team coach and/or members of the League Board.   Participants in the Travel team try out process that are not chosen for the travel team are required to attend the House League player evaluations in order to participate in the House League.

Travel Teams practice twice per week on Mon/Wed/Fri (combination of 2) and games are held on Sundays in Loudoun County.  Players will also be required to volunteer their time to "give back" to the house league during "special" events such as pre and post season tournaments.

Travel teams will be provided 3 hours per week of gym space devoted to team practices.  Should a travel team wish to rent additional space to hold practice - the following conditions apply:

  • Any practice above and beyond the 3 hours provided by the league will be OPTIONAL and should not be factored into determining playing time for a player who cannot attend
  • Cost of renting gym space is NOT to be passed onto the players and their families - meaning, any additional practices are at the coaches expense.  The league will further not reimburse for additional practice space.  Reason for this is we as a league made an obligation to our players that the cost to participate is included in their registration with the league. We will not permit our travel coaches to tack on additional players fees (with exception to additional uniform cost) to hold additional practices
  • A coaches failure to abide by these rules will be suspended for 1 week for each occurrence.


The Loudoun County Parks and Recreation Department facility Attendant is in charge of the school facilities.  S/he will interpret all rules and regulations of the Recreation Department pertaining to the use of the facilities.  This individual has the right to remove any player, coach or fan from the premises.  Gyms will be open approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the first game.  The arrival time of the teams for practices during the week should not be before 6:25PM.


Subject to blackouts and holidays, all in-house teams for 4th-8th graders will be allotted one practice per week. Travel teams will be allotted the MAXIMUM  3 hours of practice per week.  Players are expected to attend all practices and failure to attend practices can impact game playing time.

No adjustments or accommodations will be guaranteed when addressing blackouts or holidays. AYBL does not practice whenever schools are closed for weather, holidays, etc. For example, all schools are closed during the winter break, thus, no practices will be held during that time. 

Practices will be scheduled by the Commissioner, League Board and the Age Group Coordinator.  Teams can only practice at the locations and at the times provided to them by the League.  There are to be no “extra” practices at times or locations not provided by the league. 

Players should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to practice time, and should leave immediately after practice. Players are not permitted on the gym floor until the allotted time for practice time.

Players and coaches are not permitted in the gym building unless a county attendant is present.  Players are not allowed on the gym floor unless a coach, assistant coach or parent volunteer is present.

We make every attempt at scheduling the elementary school age groups in the 630-8pm time slot.  By and large all middle school age groups will practice from 8-930pm given the gym space available.  Requests to practice at a specific time will not be honored.


All rules adopted by the individual divisions, beyond those stipulated in this document, are to be approved by the AYBL Commissioner.  Copies of all approved "divisional" rules are to be supplied to the AYBL Commissioner prior to the start of the season.  Each Age Group Coordinator is responsible for having a printed copy of the "divisional" rules available for the officials at each game site.

Subject to blackouts and holidays, all in-house teams will be playing a regular season schedule, and a post-season tournament. Each division will play a single elimination post-season tournament.  Games take place at he facility sites and times provided by the county. The Age Group Coordinators will provide a game schedule to the coaches.  The game schedule will also be posted on the league's web site.

Players are not to bring a basketball to the gym on game days!!!  AYBL reserves the right to confiscate any and all basketballs brought to the gym on game days by players or fans.

A player is guaranteed their minimum playing time only if they are present ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their game and there has been NO PRIOR contact or communication.  Should their be no prior communication; the coach is permitted to do "dock" 25% of their scheduled playing time on each occurrence. Should a player be a repeat offender, the coach must speak with the age group coordinator and league president prior to docking any additional time beyond the 25%.

Should a player arrive once the game is already underway; playing time will be allotted based on the scheduled time remaining. Meaning for instance if a player arrives with 2 minutes to go in the 1st period and they were scheduled to participate in the 2nd half of the first period (3:30-0mins remaining) and that player was scheduled to play in the 2nd half of the 2nd quarter and all of the 3rd quarter - the player will forfeit their time missed based on the original rotation schedule placed on the score table at the start of the game. This does NOT mean another player can exceed 75% playing time during the course of the game unless you have 6 available players (after a player arrives late).  If you have 7 or more players, the time forfeited by a player arriving late MUST get allocated to a player scheduled to play less than 75% of the game.

AYBL does not play games whenever schools are closed for weather, holidays, etc. For example, all schools are closed during the winter break, thus, no games will be held during that time.

Most regular season games for 4th-8th graders will be played on Saturdays, however, in order to complete the game schedule and a post-season tournament, games may be played during the week or on Sunday. The High School Division will play most of their games on Sundays. The League schedules games during the holiday weekends (Martin Luther King and President's Day) that occur in January and February even though schools may be closed on specific Mondays for observance of these holidays.  All players are expected to be available for these games.  Furthermore, with the LCPS calendar shifts, we will play on the weekend leading into the winter holiday break – for example if school closes on Tuesday, we will play games that weekend prior.

Make-up games will NOT be scheduled as a result of players traveling for the holidays.

The regular season record will be used to seed teams in the post-season tournament. . All teams tied at the end of the season will be broken according to the following criteria: head-to-head record, points allowed and coin flip

  • To further clarify, if tied teams have identical head-to-head records (1-1), the League will then look at which team(s) allowed the fewest points in those head-to-head games. This would apply even if there are more than 2 teams contending for a playoff spot.
  • If this doesn't break the tie, the team that allowed the fewest points over the course of the season would be awarded the tie-breaker. If the teams are still tied, a roll of the dice will be used to seed the teams.

The winner of the tournament is the divisional champion. The league will award individual trophies to the first and second place tournament teams as well as the "regular season" first place finisher.

All AYBL divisions will play four seven (7) minute quarters including the High School division (7 minute quarters). Each team is allotted 5 time-outs per game (3 fulls, 2 30's). 

All travel teams will play four seven (7) minute quarters. Each team is allotted 5 time-outs per game (3 fulls, 2 30's). 

Should a House League game be tied after 4 quarters, a 3-minute overtime period will take place.  Teams are allotted one additional time out in the overtime period.   If a regular season game remains tied after the completion of the three minute overtime period, play will resume under “sudden death” rules whereby the first team to score 2 points in the sudden death period will be declared the winner.  Any and all playoff games will be decided by playing the necessary number of 3-minute overtime periods to determine the game's winner.


The safety of all players is of paramount concern to the AYBL.  Players cannot wear jewelry on the gym floor.  This includes, but is not limited to, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair ties with metal or hard plastic clasps or clips.  A player wearing eye glasses must have shatterproof lenses or an eyeglass protector (e.g., goggles).  Players must wear gym shoes any time they will be on the gym floor at a AYBL event.  


A league scorebook will be supplied for each game.  Coaches are to bring their league issued basketball to the gym on game days for use in warm ups and the game. The Boys 7th and 8th Grade  and High School Boys group will use a "standard" size basketball; all other divisions (boys and girls) will use the 28.5 ball. 

Each team is required to provide a volunteer (not a player or coach) as scorekeeper or timekeeper during their game.  The AYBL Commissioner reserves the right to designate an individual as scorekeeper or timekeeper for any game.

Game winning coaches are required to report the score of their game to their Age Group Coordinator within 48 hours of the conclusion of the game.


Three point goals will be allowed only on those courts clearly marked with a three-point line. The distance of the arc will not be changed to accommodate different divisions.


The league is making a concerted effort to TEACH the game of basketball in a manner than benefits the player’s ability to succeed year over year and for the long term. As such we are instituting allowable defenses based on grade level to better teach the game. Penalty for deviating from the allowable defenses below will result in an “indirect” technical foul assessed to the bench during the course of the game.

As a league we strongly urge every coach to teach man-to-man defense before moving to any zone defense. Players need to understand how to guard both “on ball” and play “help” defense when off the ball regardless of whether it’s a zone or man defense.

In Girls 3-4 and Boys 3rd, 4th and 5th: Coaches are permitted to play the following defenses during the season and must start behind what is defined as the “heat line” on the court. The “heat line” is defined as the first chair of the team bench on that side of the floor or the hash mark indicating the top of the coaching box:

  • Man Defense – traditional of “pack line” are both allowable
  • 2-3 Zone – Boys 3 and Girls 3rd/4th may institute teaching this in January of each season

At no point (excluding the last 2 minutes in each half where teams may press) is a team permitted to send 2 or more defenders to simply trap the ball handler as they cross half court.  Teams are NOT permitted to play an “odd front” zone such as a 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 in these divisions.

In Girls 5/6th and 7/8th and Boys 6th through 8th: Coaches are permitted to play the following defenses during the season and must start behind what is defined as the “heat line” on the court. The “heat line” is defined as the first chair of the team bench on that side of the floor or the hash mark indicating the top of the coaching box:

  • Man Defense – traditional of “pack line” are both allowable
  • 2-3 Zone
  • 1-2-2 Zone
  • 1-3-1 Zone


Every player is to participate in 50% of each game – and every player must play in both halves of the game unless otherwise outlined below. THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO SIT A FULL QUARTER.

PLAYING TIME RULES (GRADES 3 – 12): Each player must play 50% of each game and no player may play more than 75% of regulation (four quarters). Substitutions may occur at the following instances during the natural flow of the game; players must be at the score table prior to the following occurring:

  • A dead ball (example player throws a pass out of bounds), turnover or foul at any point in time between 3:30 and 2:45 remaining in the quarter
  • A time out is called between 3:30 and 2:45 remaining in the quarter
  • A shooting foul is called between 3:30 and 2:45 minutes remaining in the quarter – at which point the game officials will administer the substitution in accordance with NFHS rules.

We will NOT have what are referred to as “TV timeouts” where the game will simply stop for player substitutions to occur. Coaches are to do this in the flow of the game.

Matching up players at half court is NOT permitted. Communications and the ability to listen to direction is part of the game and players need to learn to communicate verbally with each other.  Should a team do this during the course of a game – it will be noted as a “delay of game” warning followed by an “indirect” technical foul for a delay of game on the 2nd occurrence and any thereafter. This rule is no different than a kid reaching across the end line, throwing the ball down the hallway after a made basket, etc.

Any coach who is reported to sub players (excluding injury and defined foul trouble below) outside of the 3:30 and 2:45 minutes remaining in the quarter will assessed an “indirect” technical foul for each player that enters the game.

For example: if a coach chooses to substitute their players at the 3:45 mark in the 2nd quarter and there are 3 players who will be substituting into the game – the game officials will stop the game upon those players entering the game and assess 6 free throws (2 per substitute) plus 1 possession to the opposing team.

EACH COACH is required to have a pre-planned substitution matrix prepared and leave a copy at the score table for the duration of the game.

A coach may, at his or her discretion and upon approval by the Board of Directors and respective Age Group Director, refuse to allow any player to play in any game if the player has failed to attend at least one (1) practice during the immediately preceding seven (7) day period other than on account of excused absences. Excused abscesses are as follows:

  • Illness in which the player did not attend school that day or the day prior, or would not attend school if it were a school day based on the illness
  • Scholastics requirements that are associated with a grade -such as band or choral concert

Injuries during the game can happen – if a coach needs to replace a player due to injury IT MUST BE WITH A PLAYER WHO WAS PLANNED TO PLAY LESS THAN 75% OF THE GAME. Meaning, a coach is not to sub an injured player for a player who was planned to play 3 of the 4 quarters. Should a coach sub an injured player for a player who was scheduled to play 75% of the game the time attributed to subbing for an injured player will count toward their 75% playing time.

Any coach found to have played a player more than 75% of the game (excluding overtime) will be assessed a 1-week suspension (practice and game). The book will serve as the final verdict on whether a penalty occurred.

A player in foul trouble is defined as follows:

  • 2 fouls by the end of the 1st quarter
  • 3 fouls by the end of the 2nd quarter
  • 4 fouls by the end of the 3rd quarter

Homework, boy/girl scouts or other activity associated with an outside organization are not considered excused absences as they are associated with the life lessons that are taught through sports, such as time management and prioritization of daily activities.

Every coach shall notify the parents of all his or her players of the foregoing rule at the initial team meeting. Further, the coach of any player denied playing time in any game under this rule shall notify the coach of the opposing team at or before any game in which the suspension shall take effect.

Only players who are expected to meet the minimum playing time rules will be eligible to participate in a game and wear their uniforms on the bench. Players denied playing time because of unexcused absences under the aforementioned rule or who are injured or ill at the start of a game should not participate in the game. Injured players as well as players denied playing time because of unexcused absences may sit on the bench, but may not be in uniform. Ill players may not sit on the bench under any circumstances. 

The playing time rule will be determined by the number of eligible players in uniform on the bench (i.e., available to play) at the end of the first quarter.

Note: During overtime, there are no playing time restrictions. Coaches should refer to tables below for examples of playing time rules and the playing time planning sheet posted on our website for use during games.

PLAYING TIME RULES - 6 PLAYER TEAMS (GRADES 3-12): Under the 6-player playing time rule, each player MUST SIT one half of a single quarter (meaning a player is to sit out of the game for 3minutes and 30 seconds). This is the minimum playing time rule for a 6-player team. If a player is required by a game official to leave the court due to injury, illness or rule infraction, the coach may make a one-for-one substitution. The coach must return the exited player to the court as soon as possible. The quarter will be considered as played in full for the exited player and sat out in full for the substitute.


Example of Playing time Rotation:

Jersey #


























































VIOLATION OF PLAYING TIME RULES (Grades 3-12): Violation of playing time rules will result in an automatic forfeit of the game and automatic probation (1-week suspension) for the Head Coach. The Board of Directors and Age Group Director will review the violation, which may result in further disciplinary action for the team coach. Penalties may include, but not be limited to, probation or suspension.

Repeated offenses will be reviewed, and may result in suspension, and possibly the coach being relieved of coaching duties. Violating playing time rules to make the game for reasons of sportsmanship (i.e. empty the bench) may not be considered a violation of the playing time rules by the Board of Directors.

It is recommended that a coach empty their bench when exceeding their opponent’s score based on the following:

  • 30 points or greater at the start of the 3rd quarter
  • 25 points or greater at the start of the 4th quarter
  • 20 points or greater at the 3minute 30second mark in the 4th quarter

This must be noted in the book by the score keeper and initialed by both coaches. Playing time and substitutions is the number one complaint and issue that is dealt with during each season. In the end, this is youth basketball and each player should be given equal opportunity to succeed.

Note: Officials are NOT expected to monitor this issue. If a player, parent or opposing coach has issue with the way another team is managing this rule a board member should be contacted, or a coach can register a formal complaint with the league office. Coaches should not disrupt the game, in any manner, to discuss playing time rules. Prior planning is the key to success in managing playing time. 

Resolutions to playing time complaints will not result in the game being replayed. It will either be a forfeit by the offending team or found to be compliant with the rules based on an audit of the scorebook.

Bottom line, coaches are required to understand and adhere to the playing time rules in all AYBL leagues. Coaches are strongly encouraged to complete the playing time sheet prior to game time to ensure compliance of the playing time rules.


The following rules apply equally to ALL (House and Travel)  players, coaches, and league officials for all AYBL games. 

Flagrant fouls are not permitted and will not be tolerated.  A player who commits what is, in the judgment of the official(s), a flagrant foul will be suspended for the remainder of that game and will then serve a one week suspension.   Flagrant fouls will be called as such by the responsible official(s).  Flagrant fouls can include, but are not limited to:

  • intentional push or shove from behind during a fast break or break away
  • excessive swinging of arms and/or elbows
  • any other deliberate/intentional action which could result in the injury of another player(s)

Players ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct or flagrant violation of a rule will be automatically suspended for THREE  weeks.  A player receiving a second ejection within the season will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoff games.

Any player ejected from a game by an official for FIGHTING will be immediately removed from the league and prohibited from participating in or attending any league events during the season in which this penalty is enforced.  No refund will be issued by the league.

Each coach is responsible for reporting to the Age Group coordinator all player technical and flagrant fouls assessed during a game. This must be done within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game.


The league reserves the right to review film in the following instances:

  • Flagrant fouls
  • Ejection of any player or coach
  • Fighting or what the game officials percieve as “targeting” of a player (example, coming from one side of the court to the other and forcibly pushing a player)

We will not make use of film to evaluate substitutions, playing time or technical fouls given to a player. In these instances the book and the report provided weekly to the league by the officials will be the only data used to assess any warranted actions.


AYBL firmly believes that respect for officials and other players is of paramount importance to the learning experience enjoyed by the players.  Unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, use of inappropriate language, taunting of players, inappropriate comments to game officials, taunting of officials and so forth and these types of outbursts and behaviors will not be tolerated. The rules governing behavior apply to all players, coaches or assistant coaches at both the house and travel levels.

Any player, coach or assistant coach that is assessed a technical foul for unsportsmanlike behavior will serve a ONE WEEK SUSPENSION; this is defined as the next practice that is held as well as the next game played.   This suspension takes effect immediately after the conclusion of the game in which the foul was assessed.   

Any player, coach or assistant coach that is assessed a second technical foul in a season for unsportsmanlike behavior will then serve a THREE WEEK SUSPENSION; this is defined as the next 3 practices that are held as well as the 3 next games that are played.  Again, this suspension takes effect immediately after the conclusion of the game in which the foul was assessed.  This policy extends to those players on our MIDDLE SCHOOL (travel) Teams.

Any player, coach or assistant coach that is assessed a third technical foul in a season for unsportsmanlike behavior will then be suspended for the remainder of that season.  Again, this suspension takes effect immediately after the conclusion of the game in which the foul was assessed.

Coaches and /or bench personnel ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct or flagrant violation of a rule will be automatically suspended for THREE WEEKS.  A coach who is ejected from a game shall communicate in writing with the Commissioner within 24 hours of the termination of the game.  A coach receiving a second ejection within the season will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoff games.

Each coach is responsible for reporting to their Age Group Coordinator all technical fouls assessed during a game, including fouls assessed upon coaches. Each division coordinator is responsible for tracking all technical fouls committed in a division.

Any coach or player that receives more than one technical foul for unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behavior during the season will face a one week suspension.  Upon receipt of a third technical foul for this type of behavior in one season, the coach or player will be suspended and removed from their coaching duties for the balance of the season.

Anyone that is suspended by the League is prohibited from attending any AYBL events including practices and games.

Coaches are also reminded that they are responsible for the behavior of their team's “fans” and that teams can be levied with fouls for the behavior of the team's fans.


AYBL recognizes the use of texting and social media (texting, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) in todays society and social circles, however with that comes additional avenues for hazing, cyber-bullying and taunting. As such anything brought to the league’s attention and determined by the board of directors to be inappropriate in nature and fall within the confines of cyber-bullying, hazing, taunting or other forms of mis-conduct related to social media will be subject to a 3 week suspension for the first instance, and expulsion from the league for the duration of the season on the second instance. The league reserves the right to determine what is and is not appropriate.


Coaches, assistant coaches, players, score keepers, time keepers and fans are to refrain from any type of inappropriate physical contact with game officials.  Physical contact with game officials should be limited to a handshake and only as a gesture of a friendly greeting, thanks or good sportsmanship. Per VHSL rules, only the head coach is permitted to interact with officials.  Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, spectators and coaching staffs. Anyone who makes contact with the officials beyond what is described above, will be removed from the gym. Anyone who in the eyes of the law "assults" an official at anytime will be subject to further penalty which may result in a season long suspension.


All coaches are asked to teach the skills associated with person to person defense.   AYBL strongly recommends that coaches and their teams, especially at the younger levels) the use of man to man defense in all games. "Teach kids to play the game of basketball, don't teach them plays."


The Boys 3rd, 4th and 5th and Girls 3/4th grade divisions can press/employ back court defenses during the last 2 minutes of 2nd and 4th quarter.  Pressing/back court defense can be used during the entirety of any ensuing overtime periods.   Divisions starting at Boys 6th grade and Girls 5/6th grade and above may press at any point during the game provided they are with the maximum point spread outlined in the paragraph below.

Teams with Middle School and High School players (Boys 6 and above as well as Girls 5/6th and above) may press/employ back court defenses at any point during their games.

A team with a lead of greater than 20 points may not press at any time for teams with players in grades 4-8; meaning once a team has a 21+ point lead, they may no longer press.


The foul line for the Boys 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade and Girls 3rd/4th Grade will be set at the regulation free throw line.  Players in grades 3rd/4th will be granted a 12 inch buffer to complete their free throw over the regulation line. Said differently, players are to start their foul shot using the regulation line on the floor, but are allowed up to 12 inches beyond that line to complete their free throw.  The 12 inch buffer will be at the discretion of the games officials.


Teams/players waiting to play/having already completed a game MUST be seated in the stands until time for their game or departure from the gym.  No basketballs other than the team balls are allowed in the gym.  No shooting at the baskets is permitted during time-outs or intermissions.  Before each game only the teams warming up for that game should be shooting at the baskets.  Failure to comply can result in being suspended from game play and removal from the facility.

Players must be supervised by their coach or responsible adult while in the schools.  This includes taking responsibility for the actions of spectators.

The only beverages permitted in the gym are water bottles - LEAVE THE LATTES AND CAFE MOCHAS IN THE CAR.


All players must play in the shirts provided by the league.  No modifications whatsoever may be made to the shirt.  If a player changes their shirt in any way they will not be allowed to participate in a game until they have replaced the "changed" shirt with another shirt matching the original. The cost of buying a replacement shirt is to be borne by the player or their family, and before the replacement shirt will be ordered and printed.  Players are responsible for shorts and basketball shoes/sneakers.

Each coach is responsible for not playing an individual with a modified shirt and can be assessed a technical foul during a game if they do so.

A league refund will not be provided as a result of any violations of the items within this section.


The AYBL Commissioner is to be notified of all major injuries within 24 hours of the incident; if EMS is called to the scene, the League Commissioner is to be notified as soon as possible.

Coaches should have ALL contact numbers on hand with them at all AYBL sponsored events.

First aid kits provided by the county are available for use from the county attendant. Only minor injuries will be treated (e.g., cuts, abrasions, sprains). Parents are to be notified of all injuries if they are not present at the time of injury.

For all major injuries, if parents are not present, call "911" and the parents.

Coaches are required to obtain and have contact information for their players' parents and/or guardians with them at all games and practices in order to be able to contact these individuals to allow treatment of injured players by medical authorities.


Per NFHS rule 1-18; the use of noise makers (bells, air horns, clappers or otherwise) are strictly prohibited during any AYBL games. Spectators making use of such items will be removed fron the gym without discussion.


The AYBL Codes of Conduct govern the conduct of coaches, players and spectators while they are participating in AYBL practices, games or other AYBL events.  Each and every team is responsible for the actions of coaches, players and spectators inside and outside the confines of the gym.  All coaches, parents/guardians and players are required to read the CODE of CONDUCT and sign the appropriate form indicating they understand and accept their responsibilities as stated in the code along with understanding the consequences of not adhering to the Codes of Conduct.  The rules governing behavior apply to all players, coaches or assistant coaches at both the house and travel levels.

In summary, no coach, player, parent/guardian or spectator is to:

  • refuse to abide by an official's decision; or
  • be guilty of objectionable demonstration by throwing equipment or any other forceful action: or
  • be guilty of heaping verbal abuse upon an official for any real or imaginary wrong decision or judgment; or
  • be guilty of an abusive verbal attack upon a player, an opposing coach, official or spectator; or
  • at any time, lay hands upon, push, shove or strike an official; or
  • be guilty of physical attack as an aggressor upon any player, opposing coach, official, spectator, Recreation Building Director or school staff.

These types of offenses will not be tolerated by AYBL and are subject to suspension and expulsion from AYBL activities.


Per PRCS Policy - no food or drink will be permitted in the gym. Water and Gatorade in clear plastic or product specific bottles will be permitted.  Coffee, food and other beverages MUST remain outside the gym.  PRCS and AYBL staff reserve the right to discard any beverage out of policy if found in the gyms.


Parents and players must also be aware of the commitment that is being made by registering and playing in the League.  Players are expected to attend all practices and games for the duration of the season.  Basketball is a team sport and every player on every team is an important contributor to their respective team.  Parents are asked not to “over commit” their children or sign up if their child cannot participate fully.  Players are expected to attend ALL of their team’s practices each week.  While injuries, illness, family emergencies and so on may occur during the course of the season which will impact a player’s ability to participate, players should not miss practices and games because of commitments to other recreational/developmental endeavors such as other sports, the arts and so forth.  Again, parents and players are asked to make this commitment fully.  As a reminde again, registered players are expected to be available for all of their team’s practices and games.


All participants of AYBL activities, including players, coaches, and parents will be held to the same or higher level of conduct required in school. For example, the carrying or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons while on school grounds is subject to disciplinary action. Violation of this rule can and will result in suspension from all league-sponsored activities.

Players suspended or expelled from school are not allowed on school property, thus, they are automatically suspended from league practices and games regardless of the site of the game. That is, they cannot participate or attend any practices or games while suspended or expelled.  The league is to be notified of any school suspensions immediately via email.

Players and coaches may be placed on probation or suspended from league participation for misconduct during any AYBL-related activity.  The AYBL Commissioner will administer all probations and suspensions, with input from the AYBL Board of Directors and Age Group Coordinators.

The league will not refund any registration fees as result of any disciplinary actions imposed by the league.


The League will refund registration fees paid when it does not or is unable to assign a player to a team.  Registration fees will be refunded when a player voluntarily withdraws from the league if the League receives a written (electronic) request by October 1.  No refunds will be made if a player withdraws from the League after October 1.  If a player chooses to withdraw after the completion of the middle school team selection, there is a $50 fee that will not be refunded due to the cost incurred for the player evaluations that are performed by a 3rd party.


Each Age Group Coordinator, the Board of Directors and the Commissioner along with the coaches, will determine how each specific division will operate, subject to the rules in this document.    Any problems, concerns, questions, or problems should be addressed first within the division by the coordinator.

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